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Tracey Kinniburgh graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 specialising in creating dramatic landscape paintings using acrylic paint.

Her work is atmospheric, ambiguous and highlights to her audience the beauty of nature using a simplistic palate of colour and detail.


Being a rock climber and keen walker Tracey spends much of her time exploring woodlands, mountains and riversides. It was only natural for her to become so passionate about nature but she is particularly intrigued by trees and plants.

Tracey is fascinated by the intricate patterns the branches create, how they move when the wind blows and the personal emotions that she feels as she walks amongst them. Tracey researches her subject by taking lots of photos which help her capture her emotions when she is back in the studio.

To avoid the daunting task of staring at a blank canvas Tracey works boldly, painting directly onto the canvas and it instantly comes to life. Acrylic paints are Tracey’s favourite medium as they are fast to dry therefore keeping a momentum and drive to each painting. With every mark that is made, correct or not, it becomes part of the painting and the artwork keeps evolving.

A flood of ideas spurred on by the latest painting is normally the sign that the painting is nearly finished.

Tracey never stops creating ideas in her head, whether they are being put onto canvas or not. She has an inner need to show her ideas and expressing them through painting is the best way she knows how to.

Tracey would like the audience to remember a time when they were walking by a tree, did they stop to notice the shadows created on the ground, the magnificent patterns the branches create as they are woven through the sky or the gorgeous colours of the leaves as the fall from the branches? She hopes next time they will.

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